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AR500 Steel Targets

AR500 Targets are some of the most versatile targets used in marksmanship training in the United States today. They range from rounded steel targets  to 3/8” square plate mounted targets with holes to allow for swing mounting. (The reason for the swing mounting is to allow the shooter to judge the trajectory of the swing of the gong and subsequently determine whereabouts their missile is hitting). The swing mounting AR500 Steel Pistol Targets, also allows for the 3/8” inch steel not to be punctured with the use of higher powered trajectories.

AR500 stands include the ‘Range Master Target Stand’; this stand is a standalone 3/8” inch steel stand which can stand thousands of rounds and plenty of abuse. It is 36” wide and 30” high and allows for extra hangers to be set up for additional targets. However, if you’re looking for a cheaper option, the AR500 ‘Target Stand Universal’ is available for a mere price of $40 and will allow for any target to be hung.

Preferably, and assuming you’re shooting with friends, the ‘Large 3 Target Stand’ at  allowing you to shoot simultaneously and at targets of varying diameter. This can be a test of precision and allow you to vary what calibre gun you are using at the time.

Now the standard targets are out of the way, let’s talk about the interesting targets. AR500 Targets offer silhouette targets in the form of life size head silhouettes, hostage positioning and even silhouette heads with reactive ‘T’ windows. Going further, AR500 Targets offer FBI qualification targets, including hostage situation targets where 66% to 75% of the target would be hidden behind the ‘hostage’. Whilst prices vary from $45 for the life size head target, they climb to a mere $175 for an FBI qualification double hostage head and chest target. AR500 Targets feature further targets including one directed solely at the heart, which contains a flapping door to help aid identification of the shot’s success.

Luckily, I have saved the best for last; although not a new product, the ‘Large Long Range Popper’ allows for a machine gun attack upon the target, and due to its spring enforced body it will ‘pop’ up again ready for another round of firing. It is 24” tall and, although not a new product, AR500 have added 1/4″ steel to the sides to break a bullet, allowing for the safety of the surrounding area, considering the ferocity of the assault.