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What comes to your mind when you heard or read about a mustard seed? The mustard seed is the one use by Jesus as one of his parables in the New Testament of the Bible. These seeds are so small, but as they are sown, they grow into be a big tree. Jesus was simply referring to our faith. A small faith in God from the start will become bigger and stronger as it grows. That is how Christians develop their faith in God. is a Christian site which offers counseling to Christians and non-Christians as well. We help Christians develop their faith through counseling. We give free counseling to those who have problems in their relationship with God, with other people and with their own self and many other issues. Our counselors are ministers and other Christian professionals. We are open 24 hours a day and we have stand by counselors all over the world. We are available in many languages, so you could contact us in the language available in our site through email, chat or call us via our phone number.

We counsel people who are over laiden with guilt, those who lost their loved ones, people with severe illness, people who are lost and abandon by their loved ones, and other case like rape, divorce, addiction, abortion, prostitution, juvenile delinquency and many more.

We believe that these problems we encounter result from the sins we committed from God. The sins we have makes us more vulnerable to many mistakes, and thus we are overwhelmed with great challenges. We jump from one problem to another. This cycle seems to never stop. During this time of vulnerability, instead of coming to God, we tend to drift away by the circumstances and the challenges in their lives. The more we are drawn away from God, the more we encounter difficulties in our lives which can affect our relationship with others. When these things happen, that mustard seed (faith) God has installed in our hearts might soon die if we will continue being separated from him.

What is Christian counseling, by the way? How does it differ from other counseling? Christian counseling is done with the guidance of God through the Holy Spirit. We use God’s words or words from the Bible to offer comfort and strength to those who need it. It differs from non-Christian counseling in many ways because the spiritual side of man is the main concern while in the non-Christian, it is the psychosomatic side of man. In Christian counseling, faith is being developed while in non-Christian, defense and coping mechanism is achieved. The counselors for Christian may or may not have background in the study of human behavior, but non-Christian studies the science of human behavior.

Mustard seeds

Healing in the Christian counseling comes from the acceptance and submission to God and to his will, but non-Christians healing comes from the treatment used either by the use of drugs or other forms of therapy. Christian counseling deals with sins as the root of the problem. For non-Christian counseling, they deal with the reality as they believe that failure to deal with reality is the start of mental problems.

Is Christian counseling effective in dealing with man’s problem with himself and others? The answer is yes, but it takes time to heal from the wounds caused by the sins in our lives. Our healing comes from the admission of sins and from the forgiveness that we receive from God. There are testimonies here that show how their lives have been changed after having Christian counseling. Some of these people are now being utilized by God and now are part of our counseling team.

Here at, we will help you fight your battles against sin, of course through prayers, and we will discuss how to live your life back to God. God will not allow his children to drift, so he sends people to reach for his lost children. We are all important to God that’s why he sacrificed his Son. No one can take us away from the love of God. offers also an online Bible studies to bring you back again to his Word. Through reading and studying the Bible, you can regain back what you have lost. We also offer seminars for those who would like to be counselors, and training for Christian leadership and evangelism to further enhance you in your church ministry. This is part of your Christian growth. We will help you develop your God-given talents that you can use in God’s service.

We have organized groups for singles that can get acquainted with one another. We also have couples group wherein they can discuss problems related to marriage, raising children and other family matters. We also have groups for youngsters and many more wherein people can share common problems and interests. These and more will help you cultivate that mustard seed in your heart.