Love of God

The only true love that exists in the whole world is the Love of God. Why?  True love is the manner it gives and not the manner it takes for one person. The character of true love is giving. Love which provides for your good is better than the love which wants you to provide something or take something from you, which is selfish.

When God offers love, he doesn’t expect anything in return. He is pleased once you appreciate Him, obey Him and follow Him. However, He doesn’t provide anything to you so that you will thank, obey and follow him. It must be the fruit of that relationship. This is what Mustard Place wants to teach to mankind.

Your personal relationship turns out to be very complicated and hard once you don’t understand that God loves you initially for the sake of love. He provided his son as he loved mankind. Once you accept and walk with God, then love goes on in your life and you will have peace of mind as well as contentment.

Some of you suffer while in this world as you do not completely understand and figure out the love of God. Once a person gets a quick look of the character and quality of God’s love, he or she will not suffer. Because even in misery, God still adores you and will always be with you wherever you go and whatever you do. Once you don’t make God’s presence true to you, it is aching and very painful. Mustard Place helps you realize this.

God cares, loves and gives to you. A lot of believers believe that they are not sufficiently enough for God’s love, so they go around attempting to become righteous and holy. God will make you good and you should keep this in your mind. As a matter of fact, God is people’s righteousness. His son gave his life for you. People live on God’s merit and not on yours.

Because God loves you, you have to live with love. You need to learn to believe in love. This kind of love will not upset you, punish you and even accuse you. This love wants to provide you everlasting life and so much more. Mustard Place has a significant responsibility to endorse this love.

Jesus Christ said, the bandit comes to steal, destroy and kill, but he comes to provide peoples’ life, not only life, but an abundant and everlasting life. He gives without boundaries and conditions. He loves person in spite of how evil or sinful he or she is. God is the only who makes you divine. Therefore, don’t fret over your sins as well as failure. Come to Jesus and He will ease your burden. Mustard Place is the tools which Christians rely on to more know about God. Therefore, they need to show this love as the only true thing. Love of God will set you free from sins, stress, anxiety and worries like a dog free from his devastating electric fences for dogs humane wire.